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At Alexandria Property Management, we've ownedand managedjust about every type of investment property you can think of...
(and learned a thing or two along the way!)

 Residential Properties

Our residential property management program is designed specifically for the owner who wants to get away from having to deal with day-to-day headaches, while at the same time staying in touch with what's going on at his or her property.  The four main pillars of our proven management program are:

1) Smart Tenant Selection.  We use multiple, targeted marketing channels to find the right tenant for the right property, then we pre-screen and perform credit checks to ensure that we've found the right people before they move in.

2) Staying on Top of Things.  Our proactive inspection and preventive maintenance program tries to catch small issues before they turn into big ones that cost you in the long run.  Well-maintained properties also tend be treated better in the first place, so they are easier and less expensive to prepare for future tenants.

3) Managing Vacancy.  On average, lost rent due to vacancy is a landlord's #1 "cost".  We very aggressively try to get out in front of vacancies to find replacement tenants before a rental unit goes vacant.  In addition, our timely, courteous and honest responses to tenant requests and inquiries helps us achieve much higher tenant retention rates.

4) Owner Communication.  All of our property owners have 24/7 online access to our tracking and reporting systems, and those systems are linked directly to the management software used by our property managers.  So in addition to our regular monthly and annual reporting, our clients can view any activity occurring at their properties in real time, such as lease renewals, rental receipts, bill payments, etc.

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 Office Properties

As a landlord, managing office space successfully requires one major logical leap: you must view the space from the standpoint of a business user.  The selection of an office space by a tenant is about many things: the location's proximity to the tenant's clients, prospective clients and employees; the neighborhood's image and available amenities; local and state incentives to relocate certain types of businesses; and, perhaps most importantly, the "match" between the image that the business wants to project and the image that the particular property and space do, in fact, project.

We work very hard to match an office property to its most likely users:

  • Apply a multi-variable screening process to filter high-probability tenants and industries
  • Target marketing to industries and firms for whom the location and property are "best fits"
  • Prepare and present overviews of major attractions for users: labor force availability, labor costs, talent pool, local business incentives, etc.
  • Work with local officials to maximize awareness of economic development incentives
  • Develop reports on local demographics and location criteria keyed to specific tenants' short- and long-term success factors 

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 Retail and Restaurant Properties

The key to successful management of retail and restaurant properties is understanding what matters to the retail tenant or restauranteur....and what usually matters most is sales.

Our primary mission when we take on a retail/restaurant property owner as a client is to make sure that the interior and exterior look and feel of the property match the usage for which the location is best suited.

We then target our efforts on finding the right tenants for the location, whether or not that means doing away with pre-conceived notions.  The location and facilities will determine the most profitable tenant for our client, whether that's a deli or a fine dining establishment, or whether it's a newstand or a high-street retailer.

In the end, retail/restaurant site selection comes down to matching the right space profile to the right location to the right user.  Tenants will pay handsomely for space that generates sales; what we do is target those users for whom the location and property will drive sales.

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 Industrial Properties

We have both owned and operated industrial properties in the past.  Often, the key to extracting value in industrial property to repurpose it as nearby development adds value to the location.  In addition to managing an industrial property, we can work closely with the owner to analyze a property's highest and best use, and come up with a plan for realizing long-term value.  It's all about Managing for Long-Term Success.

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